August 19th, 2011

Yesterday, Noelle, Dw and I attended the JDRF Wild for a Cure kick-off luncheon. Not only did we all get to enjoy a delicious (fancy-as Noelle put it) lunch, but we also got motivated and encouraged about our fight to find a cure for diabetes. Linda Mays, from ABC 33/40, was the emcee of the event and she was delightful. Her mother has Type 2 Diabetes so she knows a bit about the parents of children with T1D and adults that were in attendance face every day with T1D.  One of our local D-moms (mom of a child with diabetes) spoke about their journey with T1D. She told a very disturbing story about an 8 year old child that they knew that died from undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. 14 months later, this D-mom was able to recognize the signs and symptoms in her own 2 1/2 year old daughter after hearing about this other family’s sad story and was able to get her daughter to medical care before she went into DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis). She was so thankful that she recognized the symptoms and her daughters life was spared. Once again, it made me realize how important it is that we get the word out to our friends and family about what to watch for…prayerfully, they will never need to recall those symptoms but if they do, a life could be spared.

These may occur suddenly.
• Extreme thirst
• Frequent urination
• Sudden vision changes
• Sugar in urine
• Fruity, sweet or wine-like smell on breath
• Increased appetite
• Sudden weight loss
• Drowsiness or lethargy
• Heavy or labored breathing
• Stupor or unconsciousness
Source: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International

Now for the inspiring part of the day…the Artificial Pancreas is soooooo close to becoming a reality for my girl and everyone else with T1D!!!  Every time I hear this, I get so excited!  It is NOT a cure by any means but it does mean that my daughter will have much better control of her blood sugar which means that her kidneys, eyes, limbs and heart will be safer. It also means that she won’t have to figure out every single carbohydrate that goes into her mouth!!  She will still have to check her blood sugar but hopefully not as many times per day.  Also, I was so encouraged when I heard, once again, about the people that have tested the Artificial Pancreas and how for once, they consistent blood sugars all night.  WOW!  Does this mean we would all get a full nights sleep?!?!  No more fear of seizures or finding our child passed out from dropping too low in the night.

The cure is on the horizon, too!!  This is so exciting!!  Until that day…we will keep on believing and praying for a cure!

After the luncheon we visited with Linda Mays.  She was so sweet!  Thank you for allowing us to be a bit star struck and get a photo of Noelle with you

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