Infusion set change…every 3 days

September 9th, 2012

Noelle wears a pink Animas PING insulin pump. The pump pushes small amounts of insulin into her body 24 hours a day. We are able to program the tiny machine to give her the exact amounts she needs throughout the day. It is amazing technology and we are very thankful that she is able to own a pump. Iit cuts down on the number of shots she has to endure each day/week. The first year after she was diagnosed (age 6), she had to get a shot every night before bed and then a shot EVERY time she ate anything. Do you know how frustrating it is to have to get a shot just to have a snack??? Or if you want to eat seconds because we only figured out how many carbs her “first” dinner would be? So, when she started wearing her pump, it was so cool to be able to eat WHEN she was hungry and not have to wait to eat so she didn’t have to endure a shot. I will emphasize this is NOT A CURE but it is wonderful treatment that makes her life with diabetes a bit easier and we are extremely grateful for it . The down side to the pump is that she never gets a break from being attached to it unless she takes a shower. She is a trooper though and never complains…it’s just the way it is. I love this kid!

The pump has an “infusion set” that has a tiny cannula that is injected into her skin and held on with a round adhesive “sticker”. She has to have a new infusion set injected every three days, which is a bummer because it really stings when the big needle injects the cannula into her skin. All this info to say that Noelle changed her own infusion set tonight. She has done it before once or twice but I have always “walked her through it” and done a few of the steps for her. Tonight, I stood next to her (and took pictures-haha) but let her remember how to do all the her own. SHE DID IT!!! She was nervous about shooting it into her leg but she was able to over-come that and do it! Here are some pics of our super, brave girl…

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  1. Mimi

    She is so brave and you and daddy are really teaching her how to live with this horrible disease and not let it take over her.. You all are doing a remarkable job…Praying for a cure!!! love you all bunches

  2. Leslie

    WOOHOO! So proud of her (and you for letting her!). You rock, Noelle!

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